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Hello, my name is Ruben Alvarez, I am Church Planter from North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church, and I want to share with you the ministry “The Seed”.

At the end of 2019 we started with the conversations to plant a church, but the pandemic came in 2020 and we had put the project on pause, since that date I am currently still serving at Christ Foundry United Methodist Church.

In 2020 I started planning, organizing, and creating the Church Plant. During those months, my wife and I began to pray to be ready for what God has called us to plant. At the end of 2020, these conversations led us to define the place where we would be planting; This place is Pleasant Grove in the Dallas area.

Pleasant Grove is a very diverse community, where hispanic families are on the rise, it is also a community with great need of love and  Peace of Christ since it suffers from much violence, an example is that during the nights robberies and shootings have become something normal.

In April 2021, we created the ministry called “The Seed” and began to visit some parks, to listen to people and pray for them, also using the pantry delivery ministry we started to visit some families; In the month of June we had the first FestiKids. In this event we were able to get contact information from 18 Hispanic families who heard the message of Jesus and that they showed interest in what we are doing: “Planting the seed.” All this even without having a place where we can establish ourselves to carry out other activities.

The conversations were already happening, and in the month of September God opened doors at Pleasant Mount UMC Church so that we could use some areas of their building and be able to start with other activities such as guitar lessons, Bible studies, movie nights, FestiKids, etc.

So far we have more than 58 Hispanic families in the community that has heard about ”The Seed” which we have kept in touch using the different outreach ministries. In October of this year 2021, we remodeled an office to use it as a classroom  and we started with our first guitar lessons, both for our children and adults, in addition to having 6 families attending bible study.

Our desire is to be able to create a community of Faith that serves the same community, and during Bible studies we are sharing the importance of biblical principles that help families in their daily lives, in addition to involving them In activities that we will be having soon.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter, and for your prayers to this new ministry. We want to share with the entire Pleasant Grove community about Jesus, and that’s why it’s important to us to have your support, if you want to contribute economically to this ministry we invite you to do so.

Your contribution is vital to reach more families. Check out our social media for next events and ways to support our ministry.


Ruben Alvarez
Church Planter

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